Delmar Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship was donated by the Delmar Foundation to help students from the Franklin Regional School District (separate application required). Please contact

*Applicants must demonstrate financial need as determined by your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) results

*Can be full-time or part-time students

*Must be in good academic standing and have a Cumulative GPA of at least 3.0

*Must be a resident of the Franklin Regional School District, having attended Franklin Regional HS

*Scholarship may be used for books and fees

Up to $5,000
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please list your three most important school activities (e.g., clubs, athletics, student government) below:
    • 1. School Organization/Activity
    • 2. Your Role/Responsibilities
    • 3. Leadership Position(s) Held
  2. List your volunteer activities, community service and unpaid work below:
    • 1. Community Org/Activity
    • 2. Your Role/Responsibilities
    • 3. Leadership Position(s) Held
  3. List your work experiences below:
    • 1. Employer
    • 2. Your Role/Responsibilities
    • 3. Leadership Position(s) Held
  4. Please write an essay about a situation in which you encountered a problem or barrier that was preventing you from completing a project/task or achieving a goal. Briefly describe the situation and what you did about it. (400 words or less).
  5. Please enter in the name and email addresses of two people to complete recommendations for you. One recommendation must be from a teacher or guidance counselor, and the other from a member of the community (e.g., a family friend, neighbor, mentor, minister/priest, or someone you worked with on a community activity).
    • Please enter a name and email address